Maryland Agricultural & Resource-Based Industry Development Corporation

Information for Commercial Lenders:

Did you know MARBIDCO can help you to get the "tight deals" done?

  • MARBIDCO works closely with commercial lenders, cooperative extension agents, local economic development officers, and other rural business service providers to make financial and business planning services available to those that need them.
  • MARBIDCO offers below-market-rate "gap" financing to help reduce borrower costs and improve the underwriting debt service coverage ratio.
  • MARBIDCO will also take the junior collateral lien position.
  • MARBIDCO's goal is to "graduate" its borrowers to conventional commercial financing over a period of several years.

Find out more about how MARBIDCO can partner with you and your commercial lending institutions.

For information about the Maryland Resource-Based Industry Financing Fund (MRBIFF), click here. To view the MRBIFF application, click here.

For more information on all of MARBIDCO's programs, click here.

For a copy of MARBIDCO's Loan Officer Guidance Sheet, click here.



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