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Local Government Ag/RBI Project Cost Share Program

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The Local Government Ag/RBI Project Cost Share Program is designed to lend support to local and regional rural business development efforts. For MARBIDCO to participate in any economic development cost share project with a unit of local government the following criteria must, at a minimum, be met:

  1. MARBIDCO will consider a project cost-share request from a local or regional economic development office if the project fits within MARBIDCO’s statutorily established economic development profile.  Any project or activity funded by MARBIDCO must assist in some fashion Maryland’s farming, forestry, or seafood industries (including potentially rural recreation and tourism). If a project directly benefits an individual farmer or rural business owner, then the farmer or business owner must be willing to make a financial contribution to help support the implementation of the project.
  2. MARBIDCO’s participation in the cost share project cannot exceed that of the local government.  The only exception to this requirement is that a county designated as “One Maryland” jurisdiction (i.e., a severely economically distressed county) may qualify for a match from MARBIDCO of up to 200% of the county’s contribution.  (Or put another way, MARBIDCO cannot pay for more than 50% of an eligible project’s cost, with the exception that in “One Maryland” counties MARBIDCO may pay up to 67% of a project’s cost.)

Applications for this program may only be submitted by a county or regional economic development director or an agricultural marketing specialist. The maximum matching grant amount in FY 2012 is $10,000. (And no more than a total of $10,000 per county unless in a "One Maryland" County.)

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