Maryland Agricultural & Resource-Based Industry Development Corporation

Maryland Urban Agriculture Commercial Lending Incentive Grant (“MUACLIG”)

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MARBIDCO’s Maryland Urban Agriculture Commercial Lending Incentive Grant (“MUACLIG”) Program, offered with the financial support of Farm Credit, is designed to meet the financing needs of beginning urban farmers by providing an incentive for them to seek commercial lender financing for the development of their agricultural enterprises. The maximum amount of the grant is $7,500, calculated at no more than 20% of the project’s total cost and no more than 25% of the amount of the approved commercial loan for the project. (The minimum grant amount $1,000, with an approved commercial loan of at least $4,000.)  The participation of a commercial bank, farm credit association or FSA in providing project financing is required.

Eligible applicants must be Beginning Urban Farmers, which are defined as being farmers (either individuals or incorporated businesses) with the principal operator(s) having:

·       limited personal or business financial resources;
·       a food/fiber growing operation located in an urban community (i.e., must be
geographically located within an incorporated municipality, or within the Baltimore or Washington beltways including the City of Baltimore);
·       ten or fewer years of commercial farming experience – either in a for-profit
or not-for-profit setting; and
·       no previous commercial agriculture loan history

Eligible business activities include the purchase of:

·       agricultural inputs and supplies such as seed, fertilizer, compost, and baskets;
·       farm tools and equipment;
·       greenhouses, high tunnels, refrigeration, and irrigation systems; and
·       hired labor (at no more than 20% of the total eligible project cost).



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