Maryland Agricultural & Resource-Based Industry Development Corporation

Maryland Vineyard Planting Loan Fund (MVPLF)

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The Maryland Vineyard Planting Loan Fund has been established by MARBIDCO to help meet the unique financing needs of Maryland’s rural landowners wanting to plant vineyards and develop wineries. Vines typically take 3-4 years to produce their first commercial crop, with additional years to reach full maturity.

This program makes available low-interest loans of at least $10,000 to qualified applicants. The requested loan relate to the installation of new vineyards, including, but not limited to, the prepping yof land for vineyard installation, purchase of vines, vineyard equipment and supplies. The purchase of tractors, pick-up trucks, and wine-making equipment are not eligible for financing under this particular program, but are eligible for financing under other MARBIDCO programs.

A major aim of this program is to increase the acreage of viable commercial vineyards in Maryland. Another important objective of this program is to complement the financial services offered by private commercial lenders by helping to make rural enterprise financing both available and affordable. This program is supported by the Maryland Wineries Association and the Maryland Grape Growers Association.

Each loan application will be reviewed for financial viability by a panel of lenders at MARBIDCO and operational viability viticultural and/or enological viability by members of the wine/grape industry’s viticulture committee.

Commercial Lender Participation: Endorsement Required

Minimum/Maximum Loan Amount: $10,000 - $100,000

Loan Terms: Maximum of 10 years

Interest Rate:
Option 1 -- Adjustable Interest and Principal Payments: 3% APR for the first three years, then adjusting to 5% APR for the balance of the loan term. Option 2 – Interest-Only Payments for First Three Years; P&I Thereafter: 5% APR (fixed rate) during the entire term of the loan, but borrower may elect make interest-only payments during the first 3 years.




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