Maryland Agricultural & Resource-Based Industry Development Corporation

Rural Business Equipment and Working Capital Fund Loan (RBEWC)

To apply, see the Applications page.

The RBEWC Loan Fund offers moderate-cost loans to Ag/RBI-industry firms and producers for working capital and equipment purchases. For this program, MARBIDCO will work jointly with another participating public sector lender agency to fund a food/fiber production or processing project that involves one (or more) Maryland resource-based businesses. (Note: public sector agencies can include: the USDA-Farm Service Agency, a county or regional revolving loan fund, a Small, Minority and Women-Owned Business Account/Video Lottery Terminal fund manager, etc.) 

Public Sector Lender Matching Funds Participation: Required
Commercial Lender Participation: A Simple Referral Required
Maximum Loan Amount: $75,000 (and the minimum is $10,000)
Loan Terms: Equipment - 3 to 7 years; Operating Line - 1 to 2 years
Interest Rate: 5.75%
Loan Origination Fee: 1% of Loan (plus closing costs, paid at closing to MARBIDCO)


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